Hypnosis in the Catskills

Presenters Reservations & Pricing Schedule

Start: Thursday, March 30, 2017 · 4:00 PM
End: Sunday, April 02, 2017 · 4:00 PM

Blackthorne Resort, 348 Sunside Rd., East Durham, NY
(518) 634-2541

The cost is $150 ALL-INCLUSIVE – that’s room AND meals AND the entire show!

One of the loveliest venues we know, The Blackthorne Resort, is offering us a chance to use their lovely facilities for a lovely little hypnosis event. They’re a small, family-owned business, and they want to make the event super affordable.

You can get your all-inclusive package by contacting Blackthorne directly and telling them it’s for “the hypnosis event”. They take a small deposit – but that’s it!

Dress code: Please be street-legal in public areas; otherwise, enjoy!

You can talk to us about it at our group, https://fetlife.com/groups/142166

Rather than a traditional conference, Hypnosis in the Catskills will be an intimate hypnotic vacation, emphasizing camaraderie and connection with other attendees. We’ve divided the space into a Classroom and a Lab, for learning that emphasizes experimentation and a spirit of seeing what happens.

In the Classroom, a carefully crafted track of formal workshops will provide 101-level hypnosis instruction comparable to a weekend intensive. Never tried hypnosis before? These classes will get you started and give you a multitude of tools to suit different play styles.

In the Lab, practice hypnotic skills you learned in a workshop or try that thing you’ve been curious about! Educators will be available to offer tips, chat about technique, help you find practice partners, and even give you outlandish ideas for your explorations.

Want to spend all weekend in trance? Want to spend as much time hypnotizing people as humanly possible? Want to get your footing with an entire curriculum designed for beginners? Want to enjoy hours of “hallway track” conversations, geeking out on the fine details of hypnosis play with friends old and new? That is exactly what we’ve got in mind too!


You can see the schedule here!

Reservations and Pricing:

Reserve your Room by calling the Blackthorne Resort Directly at (518) 634-2541.

$150 + tax per person, based on double occupancy
A limited number of “A” class rooms are available for $170 + tax per person. Please request when making your reservation if desired.
The fee covers lodging, meals, and entertainment.

A single person in the room will be charged a 25% single occupancy surcharge.
Cost fora single person occupancy will be $187.50 + tax.

You may have more than 2 people per room.
The cost is still $150 per person as this covers all of the meals and activities as well as lodging.

Presenters Include



Actually_Mike is a fetishist whose lifelong kink is erotic hypnosis and mind-control play. Mike’s academic background includes a degree in Education with a focus in Educational Psychology. He is a self-taught hypnotist who has been practicing erotic hypnosis since 2010. He has presented at MEEHU, the AIS Unconference, The Guilty Pleasures Midweek Practice and Class, and many other informal venues. In his home community, he is the founder of Hypno Lounge Columbus, a group for hypno-kinksters and the hypno-curious in central Ohio.


cckitten is a full-time slave and has been teaching and leading bottom-oriented discussion for over a decade in the BDSM community. Over the past couple of years she has been co-opted by sleepingirl to lend her perspective to the hypnosis community about their play. She is the second half of the Two Hyp Chicks podcast alongside sleepingirl.

FetLife: @cckitten       SoundCloud: Two Hyp Chicks podcast


D-Artagnan (Matt) is a New York based kinkster with a creative and experimental approach to hypno-kink. Having always had a flair for the surreal, Matt fell in love with hypnosis and the eerie, creative options it opens up for any kind of play. Currently a co-coordinator of the TES Hypnosis SIG, he’s constantly looking for new techniques and ideas to share with the community through his “please try this at home” style classes.

DJ Pynchon

DJ Pynchon has been exploring the nooks and crannies of hypnosis from the sidelines for 20-odd years. In the last year he finally got off the sidelines and into the hypno game and his life has been immeasurably better because of it. He teaches a variety of classes for subjects and co-wrote the book, “Hypnotic Amnesia,” with LeeAllure, exploring the various techniques and mindsets that are helpful for cultivating forgetfulness, available now in paperback and for Kindle. He keeps blogs at djypynchon.wordpress.com and hypno-sandwich.tumblr.com.

Lee Allure

Lee Allure is a sought-after hypnotist and speaker in the fields of hypnosis, BDSM, and tickling. Lee has been expanding the limits of what hypnosis can deliver for erotic & recreational ends. She creates and offers audio files, as well as skype and in-person hypnosis sessions, through her website, LeeAllure.com. She organizes the London Hypnosis Workshop (now in its sixth year), is the co-producer of DeepMindDarkWood, a weekend hypnosis retreat in Massachusetts, and is the current organizer of NEST, the world’s largest and longest running tickling convention, held annually in Philadelphia, PA. She enjoys unlocking the potential of the unconscious mind to make people better/happier, and exploring the overlap between her passions.


sleepingirl is an enthusiastic writer, presenter, and podcast-er with a deep passion for hypnosis and kink. Since formally entering the community in 2012 she has taught classes for both bottoms and tops at events across the states. She lives D/s 24/7 with her Owner and their mutual property.

FetLife: @sleepingirl      Tumblr: h-sleepingirl.tumblr.com     SoundCloud: Two Hyp Chicks podcast


Hypno Obi-wan to the community since before there were annual events, Wiseguy brings his brand of humor and fun into classes that teach how to be safe, responsible, and effective with erotic hypnosis. In real life he is a professional hypnotist and NLP practitioner, a trainer of professional hypnotism and NLP, and author of the books Mind Play: A Guide to Erotic Hypnosis and The Mind Play Study Guide.